Downing Teal

Our Strengths
We are successfully helping Mining, Oil & Gas, Energy, Engineering, Construction and Industrial Companies fill their critical technical and executive / management roles.
Some plaza hotel new york reasons for our leadership
  • We are specialized in the industries we serve.
  • Our seo services data base is without doubt the most extensive in South America for mining, oil  & gas,  and technical specialists.
  • We loan payment calculator know the local market and we understand the diverse technical and cultural characteristics that are required for a wide range of  positions.
  • Our local seo services team of consultants has more than 120 years of direct, applicable experience in the oil & gas, mining and megaprojects sectors. This experience gives our clients the assurance that the candidates they see have been screened by people who have been in their shoes.
  • We instant unsecured loans take pride in delivering exceptional service at every stage of the recruiting process.
  • The quality of our services is based on teamwork and the use of a thorough and systematic methodology..
  • Strict york hotels confidentiality is maintained through the entire process to protect both our clients and the potential candidates.  


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